On April 13 in the year of our Lord 1967, in Cleveland, Ohio, God touched the heart of Deacon John Strong to call various members of his former church to form a Prayer Mission.  On May 21 of the same year, in the home of Deacon and Sister Almon Chapman, this mission decided to organize a church. Everyone agreed to call Minister Karious McDaniel as pastor.  Minister McDaniel agreed and after prayer and careful consideration the ministry agreed on the name United Missionary Baptist church, as “united” seemed to fit this body of believers.
 On June 3, 1967, the first official meeting was held.  It was during this meeting that the treasury was established and the first officers of United were elected.  On July 13, 1967, Minister McDaniel was ordained and installed as the pastor at Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church, in Cleveland, Ohio, by Pastor E.L. Rogers. On this same night, nineteen persons were taken in as members.
The chartered members of United Missionary Baptist Church are: 

 *Reverend Karious McDaniel, *Sister Queen E. McDaniel, Sister Mattie Wright,   Deacon John W. Strong, Deacon Oliver Benford, Deacon Joseph Brewer, Deacon Allmon Chapman, Sister Mamie Benford, Sister Lorraine Brewer, Sister Callie Chapman, Deacon Madison Ford, Deacon George Ivy, Deacon Clark Shack,*Sister Daisy Ford, Sister Leola Ivy,Sister Isabelle Shack , Sister Lina Whittaker,Sister Sarah Hall, Trustee George Sharp, Deacon Thomas Whittaker, Dacon William Primm

  *denotes that they are still serving today

 While meeting in the home of the late Sister Hattie Coopwood, where a sewing machine served as the pulpit, the late Elder A.V. Cainon attended one of the services. He was so moved in his spirit that he graciously opened the doors of his church, Hartsfield Tabernacle Baptist Church (later Union Hill Missionary Baptist Church, now First Love Ministries) at 8012 Rawlings Road, Cleveland, Ohio, where United met on Sunday afternoons. In August 1967, the first auxiliaries were organized. From 1967-1968, United continued to grow spiritually, financially, and physically.
In July of 1968, Sister Isabelle Shack made the church aware of a vacant church building, the former Union Avenue Methodist Church.
On August 11, 1968, 9312 Union Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio became the home of The United Missionary Baptist Church, where we still worship today.
THE INTERIM 2006-2007
Pastor Emeritus McDaniel agreed to fill the pulpit until the call of a new pastor was extended.  Each Sunday the congregation was encouraged by the Search Committee to pray that the Lord would send a Spirit-filled man to the pastorate.
United wishes to express deepest gratitude and appreciation to the Joint Board (Deacons Alvin Cassel, Jefferson Denson, James Daniels, and Bro. Melvin Davis “in training”; and Trustees Melvin Bradley, Del Wesley and William Hamilton) who led the congregation during this transitional period.
Following an intense and extensive review of several candidates, in early spring 2007, the Pulpit Search Committee finally agreed to recommend three, but only two were presented for consideration; Minister Walter Marlon Humphrey, Jr. of New Joshua Missionary Baptist Church and Minister Robert M. Dix, Jr. of Open Door Missionary Baptist Church.
On May 30 2007, the congregation agreed to call Minister Robert M. Dix, Jr. as the new Pastor of United Missionary Baptist Church.  On June 29, 2007 at a service held at United, Pastor Benjamin Franklin, Jr. and the Open Door Missionary Baptist Church congregation, ordained Minister Dix. His installation service was held on September 23, 2007.
With “Building God’s Kingdom, One Soul at a Time” as the new motto, under the leadership of Pastor Dix, United continues to grow numerically, financially, physically, and  most of all Spiritually.  With nearly 35 need-based ministries in operation and being led by God, United has proven to be the Church that Christ is calling for in the 21 Century.
In the spring of 2010, Pastor Dix revealed to the waiting congregation the vision God has given him for this local assembly that is certain to establish United as a place of ministry for the “total man.”  Several ministries have been organized or reorganized in addition to needed renovations and acquisitions to ensure the vision will come to pass.  The following are most notable:
  • Two houses adjacent to the church purchased and leveled to expand the parking lot
  • Addition of a main level unisex restroom with handicap accessibility
  • Renovation of the Women's & Men's restroom
  • Website Ministry
  • Transportation Ministry
  • Video and Internet Ministry
  • Purchase of a new church van
  • Purchase of new state of the art sound system
  • Purchase of industrial refrigerator and freezer
We are excited about the great things that are in store for us as we continue to “Press toward the mark of the high calling of God, through Christ Jesus our Lord.”